Health Coaching

Health coaching is at the core of taking action and maintaining motivation around your health and well-being. We focus on three areas: nutrition, fitness, and stress management. Health coaches work with you to help set goals and hold you accountable on your path to achieving optimal health.

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Resiliency Coaching

Partner with a certified health coach to make positive, holistic treatment changes. Together we will improve your overall well-being through personalized goal setting and support.

  • Initial: 60 minutes – $65
  • Follow-up:
    • 30 minutes – $35
      • 6-pack ($30/each): 30 minutes – $180
    • 60 minutes – $55

HeartMath Session

Build resiliency with this relaxing and mindful practice. Using HeartMath ® technology, learn how to monitor and change your heart’s rhythm to balance your stress response and better adapt to change and challenges. You will learn holistic treatment skills to decrease stress, and the result is a positive effect on your emotional and physical health.

  • 45 minutes – $55

SMART Goal Setting Session

With guidance from your health coach, take time to tap into what motivates you to be well. We will work with you to develop smart, simple, measurable, realistic goals and a plan to achieve them. Walk away with the next best steps forward on your well-being journey.

  • 30 minutes – $35

Other Fitness & Lifestyle Services

Other Fitness & Lifestyle Services

Our Services Fitness Assessment Chambers for Well-Being, Morristown NJ


Whether you are at the start of your fitness journey or looking to keep track of your progress, a Fitness is designed to help give you a clear path toward improved health and fitness.

Strength and Conditioning, Chambers for Well-Being, Morristown, NJ

Strength & Conditioning

Train with a Chambers Center for Well-Being certified personal trainer to take your fitness experience to the next level. We will design individualized programs and workouts tailored to your needs.

Fitness Group Classes-chambers-center-for-well-being

Group Classes

Working out is a lifestyle. And no matter what your fitness focus is, Chambers Center for Well-Being in Morristown, New Jersey has a group class for you – strength training, aerobic development.

Nutrition Counseling Chambers for Well-Being, Morristown, NJ


Nutrition counselling at Chambers Center for Well-Being starts with our clients meeting a registered dietitian with a focus on nutrition therapy and wellness. You will review your dietary history.

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“Self-care is now more important than ever! I did not hesitate to resume my visits as both my acupuncture sessions and well-being visits are fundamental to my overall physical and mental health.  It is clear Chambers Center for Well-Being has gone the extra mile to ensure safety.  I am grateful for the Chamber’s safe and trusted environment which has enabled me to refocus on reducing stress, managing pain, and stimulating my body’s natural healing abilities.” 

– Sophia L.

As a first-time mom, being pregnant during a pandemic is not something you plan for. I felt an added layer of stress and uncertainty. However, from the moment I walked into the Chambers Center for Well-Being for my prenatal Massage, the team made me feel welcomed and comfortable. The team truly exceeded all of my expectations and I left feeling not only safe, but relaxed.” 

- Louise S.

“I lost 11 pounds, 5 inches off my waist and am now within my recommended range for blood pressure and glucose because of Chamber Center for Well-Being’s 8-week Lifestyle Change Program. But what I’m most grateful for is learning how to improve my nutrition, wellness, and increase movement to build a healthier present and future. I highly recommend this program, go for it!”

- Vibart Y.