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Chambers Center for Well-Being offers a variety of massages designed to promote health, release tension, and improve well-being Our licensed professionals are trained in many kinds of therapeutic manipulation to address diverse needs ranging from sports recovery and prenatal well-being to increased circulation and toxin release.

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Benefits of Massage: 

  • Promote relaxation and stress relief
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce muscle pain, soreness, and tension

Preparing for Your Body Massage:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Continue to hydrate before and after your service
  • If it is your first-time receiving spa treatment, you will receive a waiver and intake form to fill out electronically prior to your appointment

Spa Massages

Rejuvenation Massage*

This gentle pressure, full body massage is designed to leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated. This is the perfect service for those looking to feel relaxed and refreshed.

  • 60 minutes – $85
  • 75 minutes – $105
  • 90 minutes – $125
  • 120 minutes – $165
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Deep Rejuvenation Massage

This firm, full-body, deep tissue massage is designed to relax and relieve muscle tension. This is the perfect service for those looking to ease all over aches.

  • 60 minutes – $110
  • 75 minutes – $130
  • 90 minutes – $150
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Aromatherapy Massage* 

Choose from one of our aromatherapy blends in this gentle-to-firm full body massage that will invigorate your senses while you unwind and relax the body and mind.

  • 60 minutes – $130
  • 75 minutes – $150
  • 90 minutes – $170
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Ultimate Relaxation Spa Massage: 90 minutes – $190

Melt your stress away and experience 90 minutes of pure bliss with this luxurious full body spa service that incorporates tension relieving massage techniques that will help you deeply relax the body and mind. Indulge with your choice of aromatherapy, warmed towels, foot massage, and scalp treatment that will leave you feeling restored and renewed. Makes for the perfect gift!
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Warm Salt Stone Massage:  90 minutes – $130

To relax the body and reduce stress, this full-body massage uses warm Himalayan salt stones. This holistic treatment deeply relaxes the body and exfoliates the skin. Relax as soothing stones are placed along the body and used as an extension of the therapist’s hands.

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*Additional increments may be added: 15 minutes – $20

Massage Add-On Treatments (add to any massage)

Scalp Treatment: 15 minutes – $32

This holistic treatment add-on service uses specialized techniques to massage the scalp, neck, and shoulder. Scalp treatment stimulates circulation, helps relieve muscle tension and headaches, and reduces stress.

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Foot Treatment: 15 minutes – $41

This add-on service uses ancient techniques to massage, stretch, and activate pressure points on the feet and calves. Foot treatment helps relieve pain and promotes relaxation.

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Therapeutic Massages

Chambers Express Massage: 45 minutes – $70 

This 45-minute holistic treatment is designed to address one specific area of the body. Our experienced and professional practitioners will work with you to relieve pain and relax your body.

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Maternity Massage (Pre/Postnatal): 60 minutes – $100

Designed for the specific needs of pregnant and post-natal women, this relaxing massage focuses on body aches, stress reduction, and easing muscle tension. This massage cannot be performed in the first trimester.

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Oncology Massage*

This personalized, light to medium pressure massage, is designed to address the certain needs of clients in active cancer treatment.

  • 60 minutes – $100
  • 75 minutes – $120
  • 90 minutes – $140
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Lymphatic Massage: 90 minutes – $145

This 90-minute massage uses a very gentle, rhythmic touch. These careful motions assist the natural drainage of the lymph in improving circulation and removing toxins from the bodily tissues.
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CBD Pain Management Massage*

With the use of CBD oil, this customized, medium to deep pressure massage focuses on alleviating and managing pain in your targeted problem areas. This oil’s healing properties can help to deeply relieve chronic pain and inflammation in the body.

  • 60 minutes – $150
  • 75 minutes – $170
  • 90 minutes – $190
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Sports Massage*:  60 minutes – $130

Geared toward active individuals or athletes, this personalized deep tissue massage aids in muscle recovery, pain relief, and increased flexibility by targeting the specific muscle groups that become overworked during a sport or activity.

  • 60 minutes – $130
  • 75 minutes – $150
  • 90 minutes – $170
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Custom Therapeutic Massage*

This personalized, medium to deep pressure massage, is customized to fit your specific needs by targeting problem areas and incorporating a variety of therapeutic massage techniques. Designed to promote your body’s optimal health and well-being to best fit your needs that will aid in the relief of chronic muscle tension and pain.

  • 60 minutes – $120
  • 75 minutes – $140
  • 90 minutes – $160
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*Additional increments may be added: 15 minutes – $20

Other Medical Spa Services

Other Medical Spa Services

Medical Spa Acupuncture Chambers Center for Well-Being, Morristown, NJ


Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to rebalance the body’s meridians using gentle needle insertion.

medical spa chambers center for well-being, Morristown, NJ

Skin Care

Each skin care service begins with our licensed esthetician cleansing the face to remove any built-up oils, makeup, or debris.

infra-red-sauna, chambers center for well-being, morristown, nj

Infrared Sauna

Traditionally, saunas generate a dry heat that warms the surface of the body. Our infrared saunas, however, utilize infrared light rays.

Gift Card, Chambers Center for Well-Being, Morristown, NJ

Gift Cards

Receive a $20 voucher with every $100 gift card purchase at Chambers Center for Well-Being. This promotion ends December 31.

“Self-care is now more important than ever! I did not hesitate to resume my visits as both my acupuncture sessions and well-being visits are fundamental to my overall physical and mental health.  It is clear Chambers Center for Well-Being has gone the extra mile to ensure safety.  I am grateful for the Chamber’s safe and trusted environment which has enabled me to refocus on reducing stress, managing pain, and stimulating my body’s natural healing abilities.” 

– Sophia L.
“I started seeing Dr. Bianca Chiara seeking treatment for chronic hives that I have been dealing with for several years. She performed an extensive health history and prescribed a range of tests, from which she was able to diagnose the root cause and began treating me with supplements, medication and dietary changes. I am very grateful to her for helping me and finally putting me on the right path to solve my health issues.” 
- Joseph J.