Salt Room

Enjoy our beautiful salt room – part of our state-of-the art thermal suite – where you breathe in the ionized Himalayan salt particles to relieve stress and fatigue.


  • Reduces lungs and respiratory inflammation
  • Aids in restful sleep
  • Neutralizes positive ions in the body
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increases relaxation and stress management


  • 25-minute Private Session – $30
    • 6-pack ($28/each) – $168
    • 12-Pack ($25/each) – $300
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Preparing for your Session

  • If this is your first time at the center, you will be escorted to the locker rooms by one of our team members.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Lockers are available to hold any personal belongings.
  • Change into a robe and slippers located in the locker room before your service.
  • A robe is required during the session to protect your clothing and maintain hygiene of the room.
  • Please remember that our thermal suite is a quiet area and the use of electronics is prohibited.

Other Wellness Services

Other Wellness Services

Thermal Services Cryotherapy Chambers Center For Well Being, Morristown, NJ


Cryotherapy sessions involve brief exposure to vaporized liquid nitrogen, which mimics the effects of an ice bath or polar plunge, in a monitored setting. In the session, you will stand comfortably in a tank.

infra-red-sauna, chambers center for well-being, morristown, nj

Infrared Sauna

Traditionally, saunas generate a dry heat that warms the surface of the body. Our infrared saunas, however, utilize infrared light rays to penetrate heat one to three inches deep within the body.


BioMat ®

While traditional heating pads produce electrical current that heats the internal coils, BioMat ® utilizes the conducting properties of amethyst crystals to deeply penetrate and evenly warm the body.

LED Light Therapy Image

LED Light Therapy

Celluma is an FDA-cleared devise that produces safe and effective LED light therapy used to reduce the signs of aging, effectively treat acne, and manage pain. Light is absorbed into the body to naturally regenerate and improve cellular health.

As a first-time mom, being pregnant during a pandemic is not something you plan for. I felt an added layer of stress and uncertainty. However, from the moment I walked into the Chambers Center for Well-Being for my prenatal Massage, the team made me feel welcomed and comfortable. The team truly exceeded all of my expectations
and I left feeling not only safe, but relaxed.” 

- Louise S.

“Self-care is now more important than ever! I did not hesitate to resume my visits as both my acupuncture sessions and well-being visits are fundamental to my overall physical and mental health.  It is clear Chambers Center for Well-Being has gone the extra mile to ensure safety.  I am grateful for the Chamber’s safe and trusted environment which has enabled me to refocus on reducing stress, managing pain, and stimulating my body’s natural healing abilities.” 

- Emily